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Domestic solar water heating


Solar heating of domestic water, aka DHW or SHW... Federal Tax
Credits, State Rebates, occasional utility co. rebate, R.E.
Certificates.  Heat your water free for life. The sun's rays are $$.  They are flowing in magnitude forever onto your large empty roof. Don't repel and reflect them - absorb and collect them!  And do your part in our own era of unprecedented environmental care. Get onto your local Solar Homes tour route for fun. Add a wastewater heat exchanger (for basements) to re-capture your heat from showers, rinse cycles and sinks - no moving parts, just a pipe that wraps around your wastewater stack and pre-heats the incoming city water during running of hot water...PB 3~10 yrs depending on
usage and local solar conditions. Price ~ $120 per gallon of storage fully loaded before subsidies (~ 40%).

Typical installation content: 4 panels, 1 storage tank, copper piping, small pumps, small drainback tank. Existing tank can be retrofitted. In and out in 3 days. equipment.